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Website Only episodes

Here, you can explore episodes available only on our site, featuring semi-exclusive and in-depth content about Max and Jacob

In this episode of Fearless Interventions, host Max Alperstein sits down with Grant Finkel to explore the depths of the Finkel household. Despite facing a stroke at just 14, Grant shares his remarkable journey with unwavering bravery. He reveals his personal challenges and the inspiring story of the resilient household he helped create. Join us for a powerful narrative of courage, family, and triumph.

In this episode, hosts Jacob sits down with Janet Alperstein to delve into Janet's exceptional life journey, her successful career in higher education, and the challenges of single motherhood. Janet shares insights into her adoption experience, offering a glimpse into her inspiring story. The episode also explores the podcast's origins, providing listeners with a condensed yet heartfelt narrative of resilience, parenthood, and the birth of this engaging platform.

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